The LiveBar at the top right of your Desktop Screen is a unifying experience across SmartApp that shows you which other Users in the Project are also looking at the Item you are looking at.

The LiveBar consists of:

Help - Help Articles to guide Users with the Product

Announcements - What's New in the Product

Search - Allows Users to look for an item

My Activities - Shows the Activities of the User

LiveLink - Connect to other Users in SmartApp via video chat.

Streams -  Real-time View of activity happening in your SmartApp system.

Comments - See comments other users have left on Items in SmartApp 

Users - See Users currently in your project or currently viewing an item you are viewing 

Chat - This shows you other Users reviewing the same item as you and allows you to send text messages to each other.


Device Screen:

How To ?

How to access LiveLink

How to kick off a LiveLink

How to Access LiveLink - Agenda

How to Invite Users to a LiveLink

How to view previous sessions in LiveLink

How to Access LiveLink Videos Folder in Drive

How to create a Group in LiveLink

How to LiveChat a Team Member

How to LiveLink a Team Member

Live Link  


LiveLink Calendar Access

LiveLink - Follow up

LiveLink - Summary Notes

LiveLink - Agenda



Live Collaboration

What are Streams?

How To View Streams

How To Search for Specific Data in Streams

How To View Comments

What is the LiveBar?

Last Updated: Oct-07-22