The Plan Board on Desktop and Devices helps in planning high-level tasks, breaking them down into smaller tasks, and dispatching them to the right resource. It also shows the progress and percentage of completion of the task in real-time. 

By Default,  Planner opens to the 'Boards & Schedules' Plan Board option.


  • As an Admin User can create new 'Plan' and 'Dispatch' Boards , Schedule and Dispatch Tags to the Project Team members.  

Project Team Members

  • As a Project Team Member, User can view Boards and update any daily/weekly Tags/Tasks assigned to them. 

Adding a Board

  • User clicks on the Home option at the top right on the Planner

  • To add a new board User can click on the "Add Board" button.



  • Once the "Add Board" icon is clicked the window opens up with two options
  • Plan Board
  • Dispatch Board


  • User can select any one type of board to start building a board for the viewing the progress of the tasks. Each board has different features as shown    

Plan BoardThese boards are created to set up high-level summary of tasks. These tasks can be later associated with the Dispatch Board Work Tags to track the progress.


User can choose from the Visual Preferences on the Tags according to the Status whether :

  • Dispatched
  • In Progress
  • Overdue
  • Completed
  • Verified

User can also select from Watermark or Card Shape on the Tags.

Dispatch Board : These boards are created to create actual work tasks and assign them to project team members, teams, or companies. This allows Users to plan tasks on a detailed, Micro-Level. Once dispatched, these tasks are assigned to the resource for updating the status of the task.


  • Once the details are filled and saved a board is created as shown.


Editing a Board

  • Users can also edit and make changes to the existing board by clicking on the edit (Pencil) button.


  • In the Board Properties Page of the selected board, users can edit Notes, Location Type, Default App.  

            Note: Only roles with Edit Permissions can edit a board. 


  • Click on Save button to save the changes made.


Deleting an Board

  • Users can also Delete a Board using the delete button or by selecting the option of delete in the edit section.

            Note: Board once Deleted cannot be retrieved.

Delete option on Board:


Delete option in Edit: 


The Schedule in planner will allow the view of  Project Tasks set out in a Gantt chart (bar chart that illustrates a project schedule). The Schedule shows the Start and Finish dates of Tasks across a specified timeline. 

  • The Schedule can be accessed by using the path Planner > Schedule.

  • The Schedule mode options are as follows 
  • File
  • Edit
  • View
  • Action
  • Dispatch
  • Baselines
  • Widgets

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