The Plan Board on Desktop and Devices helps in planning high-level tasks, breaking them down into smaller tasks, and dispatching them to the right resource. It also shows the progress and percentage of completion of the task in real-time. 

By Default, when the User clicks on Boards the Planner opens to the default User Board set by the User.


  • As an Admin User can create new 'Plan' and 'Dispatch' Boards , Schedule and Dispatch Tags to the Project Team members.  

Project Team Members

  • As a Project Team Member, User can view Boards and update any daily/weekly Tags/Tasks assigned to them. 

Adding a Board

  • User clicks on the Home option at the top right on the Planner.


  • To add a new board User can click on the "Add Board" button.


  • Once the "Add Board" icon is clicked the window opens up with two options
  • Plan Board
  • Dispatch Board


  • User can select any one type of board to start building a board for the viewing the progress of the tasks. Each board has different features as shown  


Plan BoardThese boards are created to set up high-level summary of tasks. These tasks can be later associated with the Dispatch Board Work Tags to track the progress.

  • User can choose from the Visual Preferences on the Tags according to the Status whether :
  • Dispatched
  • In Progress
  • Overdue
  • Completed
  • Verified
  • User can also select from Watermark or Card Shape on the Tags.

Dispatch Board : These boards are created to create actual work tasks and assign them to project team members, teams, or companies. This allows Users to plan tasks on a detailed, Micro-Level. Once dispatched, these tasks are assigned to the resource for updating the status of the task.


  • Once the details are filled and saved a board is created as shown.


Editing a Board

  • Users can also edit and make changes to the existing board by clicking on the edit (Pencil) button.


  • In the Board Properties Page of the selected board, users can edit Notes, Location Type, Default App.  

            Note: Only roles with Edit Permissions can edit a board. 


  • Click on Save button to save the changes made.


Deleting an Board

  • Users can also Delete a Board using the delete button or by selecting the option of delete in the edit section.

            Note: Board once Deleted cannot be retrieved.

Delete option on Board:


Delete option : 

CPM Schedule 

The CPM Schedule in planner will allow the view of Project Tasks set out in a Gantt chart(bar chart that illustrates a Project Schedule). The CPM Schedule shows the Start and Finish dates of Tasks across a specified timeline. 

  • The CPM Schedule can be accessed by using the path Planner > CPM Schedule.

  • The CPM Schedule mode options are as follows 
  • File
  • Edit
  • View
  • Action
  • Dispatch
  • Baselines
  • Widgets

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