The Plan Board helps in planning high-level tasks, breaking them down into smaller tasks, and dispatching them to the right resource. It also shows the progress and percentage of completion of the task in real-time.

Board Types:

Plan Board: These boards are created to set up high-level summary tasks. These tasks can be later associated with Dispatch Board work Tags to track the progress.

Dispatch Board: These boards are created to create actual work tasks and assign them to people, teams, or companies. Once dispatched, these tasks are accessible by the assigned resource and update the status on the task.

Plan Board Options:

The Menu Options in Plan Board are as follows:

Import local Gantter file...Choose a Gantter File from your Local Drive and Import into Planner.
Import from MS Project...MS Project files (.MPP) and files in MS Project XML format can be imported.
Import from P6 (XER)...Files of (.XER) can be imported.
PropertiesManage the following Schedule Properties - (General, Duration, Regional, Time Defaults, Resources, Notes, Links, Risks)
PrintPrint either the Tasks List or Gantt Chart (PDF, PNG, HTML)
Export to local Gantter file...Export your View as a (.gantter) file.

Export to MS Project (XML)... 
Export your View as a .XML file.
Export to P6 (XER)...You have the option to - Export Roll Up Tasks Only, Export Rollup and Summary Tasks or Export All Task
Export to CSV (download)...Export your View as a .CSV file.
Publish to ProcoreThe following Procore Publishing options are available - (Procore Connector Settings, Publish Now, Open Procore).
Export milestones to iCalendar(Download)...Export your Milestones as a .ICS file.
Export milestones to web Calendar... Copy the smartappbeta URL and use your web calendar's 'Add by URL" feature to add a new calendar with all the milestones for the schedule.

Selecting this sets the View to Fullscreen.
SidebarUnchecking this option hides the 5 Sidebar Mode Options.
Show Milestones
Checking/Unchecking this option Shows/Hides Milestones.
Sidebar ModesClick to Select a Sidebar Mode: Board, Schedule, Risks, Resources, Calendars
Dispatch Settings
Set Auto Dispatching to None, Hourly, Daily or Weekly. 
Dispatch Work
Dispatch All or Dispatch a Range.
Auto CPM Dispatching
Set the Auto Dispatching Interval, then turn on Auto Dispatch.
Constraints & Issues
Manage Constraints & Issues in the Constraints & Widgets Issues.
Schedule NowLets you Drag and Drop Tasks that were previously scheduled in your Apps.

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