In Planner, when Creating new Tags, you have the option to set a Tag as a Milestone.  milestone is a specific point in time within a project life cycle used to measure the progress of a project toward its ultimate goal. Simply put, it's a reference point that marks a major event or a branching decision point within a project.

To create a Milestone tag, start by creating a New Tag Card by clicking on the '+ Add Tag' button in the Tag Shelf. In the New Tag Card, simply Check the 'Milestone' option.  Fill out the rest of the Tag and click 'Add' to Save the Tag.  


With the tag set as a Milestone,  it will show on on the board with a gold Milestone Diamond prominently displayed on the Tag as shown below.  The Milestone on the tag can be set or removed by editing the tag and checking/unchecking the Milestone option.

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Last Updated: Feb-17-21