In your Dispatch Board you can Dispatch a Tag by clicking on the Dispatch icon. The Tag gets dispatched and added as a task in the Schedule. Additionally, a smart item is created and assigned to the configured resource.  The resource starts and finishes the work and updates the status/progress accordingly, which is displayed on the tag in real-time.

There are 4 ways a Tag can be dispatched in your Dispatch Board:

1. Dispatch Icon on the Tag

2. Dispatch Icon on the Tag Details Page

3. Dispatch Tag from the Toolbar Button

You can select one or more tags and click on the toolbar button to dispatch the selected tags. 

4. Bulk Dispatch from the Toolbar Dispatch Button

If no tag is selected and you click on the Dispatch button, the 'Dispatch Work' popup shows up. It considers the last dispatched date as the start date for dispatch and the 'No. of Days' as the end date and dispatches all the un-dispatched tags  

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Last Updated: Feb-17-21