The Companies feature in the project settings will allow you to manage the different company information in a single place. You can access companies by clicking on the "Project Menu" dropdown and use the path Project settings > Companies as shown below.

  • Clicking on the Companies will take you to the Manage Companies window, click on the "+" button to Add a New Company as shown below.

  • From the Add Company window, you can add the following information:
  • Company Name: Enter the name of the Company to be added.
  • Company color: You can select the company color for ease of recognition. 
  • Website Address: Enter the website address of the company.
  • Phone: Enter the phone number if any in the phone number section.
  • Trade: Enter the trade with respect to the company details.
  • Calendar: Enter the calendar that is to be set to the company.
  • Shifts: Enter the shift details of the company from the dropdown.
  • Company Manager: Enter the details of the company manager.
  • Vendor ID: Enter the Vendor ID in this section.
  • Company type: Select the Company type from the three options Prime contractor, Sub contractor and Material Vendor/Supplier.


The functionalities remain same as that of the desktop version. Below is the key screen for device.


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How To Edit a Company

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Last Updated: Oct-04-22