To add new Team Members,  first, access Project Team from the Project Settings Menu Options. click on the + Add Member button.

In the Add Members screen, you have the option of adding 1 or more users.  

Start by simply typing in the Email address and  fill out the rest of the form.

To Add Multiple Team Members, enter more than 1 email address (Comma Separated) then fill out the rest of the form.

Enter User's First Name and Last Name, Phone Number

To Add a user to a company, click on the Company option and select an Existing company for the user.

Choose from the available list of Roles to associate the Team Member to a role

Choose from the available list of Skills and Certs to associate a user to a Skill/Cert

Select Calendar and Shifts for the User

Click Add to Add the New User




How To?

How to Add New Team Members

How to Edit a Team Member

How to Delete a Team Member

How to Activate/Deactivate a Team Member

How To Manage A Team Member's Permissions

How to LiveChat a Team Member

How to LiveLink a Team Member

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Last Updated: Mar-02-21