You can Activate or Deactivate a Team Member, in the Project Team window, select the Team Member you would like to Activate or Deactivate and click on the Activate/Deactivate icon on the Toolbar. If the Team Member is currently Active, they will be Deactivated, and vice versa.

Device Screens:

  • On a Device, based on the security, you can Activate or Deactivate a Team Member by clicking on the triple dot against the Team Member. In the Menu, click on the Toggle to Activate/Deactivate the selected user.

How To?

How to Add New Team Members

How to Edit a Team Member

How to Delete a Team Member

How to Activate/Deactivate a Team Member

How To Manage A Team Member's Permissions

How to LiveChat a Team Member

How to LiveLink a Team Member

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Last Updated: Oct-04-22