To Manage a Team Member’s Permission in the Project Team window, select the Team Member you would like to Manage  and click on the Assign/Unassign  toolbar button.  Only a Project Owner, Super Admin orAdmin will be able to Assign Security.

A Project Team Member can be Assigned one of the following Roles: 


Team Member will not have Admin or Company Manager access. 

Super Admin

Super Admin will be able to manage the entire Project including Billing Related Information.


Admin will be able to manage the entire Project with the exception of Billing Related Information. 
Admin with Billing
Admin with Billing allows a Team Member to manage the entire Project Plus Billing Related Information. ex. Managing Project Subscription

Company Manager

A Team Member having Company Manager privileges will be able to Add and Manage Team Members for the Company the Manage Belongs to.


On Mobile Devices, click on the Triple Dot Menu next to the Team Member you would like to Manage. In the Menu, select either Admin, Admin with Billing, or Manage Companies.

How To?

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Last Updated: Mar-03-21