In App Studio, Admins have the option to Create Form, Checklist or Web Apps. To get started, simply click on the Green + Add button as shown below.

  • In the New App Panel, first add the following Information:

App Name:
What you would like to name your App.
Add an Icon for your App
Add a Description for your App

  • Next, select the type of App you want to Create:

Form App:
Form apps help to automate a business processes, metadata capture, and workflow using metadata field types and layout options.
Checklist App:
Checklist apps allow you to create one or more checklist templates using different metadata. 
Web App:
Web apps allows you to publish existing web applications as SmartApps letting you access all SmartApps and Web Apps from one place - the AppZone! 

  • Once you have filled out the required information, click the NEXT button shown below. If you do not have an icon ready, don’t worry, a placeholder icon will be auto-generated for you.

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Last Updated: Oct-14-22