How to LiveLink a Team Member

To LiveLink a Team Member, click on the LiveLink button from the Top Menu on Desktop, on a Mobile Device, select a Member and use the top toolbar button to invoke LiveLink. As an alternate, you can tap on the User Name to do a Quick LiveLink/LiveChat/Email/Call to a user directly.


The LiveLink Widget loads allowing Project Members to have a LiveLink Conversation by Selecting Team Members.

One or More Team Members can be Selected to start a new LiveLink Session.


On Mobile Devices,  to open the LiveLink Widget in Project Team, simply click on the LiveLink Icon in the Menu Bar. You can search and select users to add to your LiveLink.

To LiveLink a specific Team Member, simply Click on their Member Name or Icon to open their Member Card. In the Member Card, click on the LiveLink Icon to start a LiveLink with that specific Team Member.


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Last Updated: Sep-07-22