To LiveChat a Team Member, click on the LiveChat button from the Top Menu on Desktop, on a Mobile Device, select a Member and use the top toolbar button to invoke LiveChat. As an alternate, you can tap on the User Name to do a Quick LiveLink/LiveChat/Email/Call to a user directly.

The LiveChat Widget loads allowing Project Members to have a LiveChat Conversation by Selecting Team Members.

One or More Team Members can be Selected to start a new LiveChat Session.



On Mobile Devices,  either tap on the LiveChat Icon in the Top Menu, or tap on Member Names or Icons to LiveChat those selected Members.


How To?

How to Add New Team Members

How to Edit a Team Member

How to Delete a Team Member

How to Activate/Deactivate a Team Member

How To Manage A Team Member's Permissions

How to LiveChat a Team Member

How to LiveLink a Team Member

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Last Updated: Mar-03-21