Add a new Trade using the Trade Manager in Project Settings, select the  PLANNER Settings™ >Trades option as shown below

  • To add a new Trade in Trade Manager, click on the + Add button from the Toolbar. In the Trade Manager screen, start by simply typing in the Trade Name and Description.

  • You have the option to select a Unique Color for the Trade to show.

  • If the 'Make available as Drawing Discipline' checkbox is Enabled, this Trade Option will be available when a Drawing is Uploaded. Conversely, if the option is unchecked, the Trade Option will not be available when a Drawing is Uploaded.

Newly Added Trades are available in the following locations in Smartapp:

Project Team - Adding a New Team Member

Work Teams - Adding a Work Team

Skills & Certs - Adding a new Skill

How to?

How to Edit a Trade

PLANNER™ Settings:

Work Teams

Daily Settings


Work Categories





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Last Updated: Oct-06-22