Shift option in the Planner settings will allow you to add multiple Shifts a Project however, only one Shift can be assigned as Default. To create a new Shift, go to: PLANNER™ Settings > Shifts as shown below 


  • Click the + button to add a Shift Name and Shift Description in the Manage Shifts window.



  • The Default Working Days can be selected anywhere between Monday through Sunday, and Specifying the From and To Shift Timings. Once you have filled in all the Data, click Save to create your new Shift. The Shifts will show as an option in the following areas:

  • To set a shift as the Default shift, set its Default Shift slider switch to ON as shown below.


  • The Default Shift will show when adding new Work Teams, Users, and Companies.

Work Teams

  • New Work Teams can be added under PLANNER™ Settings > Work Teams:



  • New Work Teams can be added under Project Settings > Project Team:



  • New Work Teams can be added under Project Settings > Companies:


PLANNER™ Settings:

Work Teams

Daily Settings


Work Categories





Default Board

Last Updated: Oct-04-22