Schedules Folder in Drive

If you double click on the Schedules folder to open it, then click on the + button at the bottom right, you will see the following options:

Creating a New Folder within the Schedules Folder

Any number of Folders can be created within the Schedules Folder. 

Creating a New Schedule:

Select the "New Schedule" option from the FAB Button. 

A Schedule can be created by choosing from the recommended project templates, or by selecting a blank template to start with.  

Specify a Schedule Start Date and Clicking on Save will load the Schedule Editor in a New Browser Tab.

Upload Schedule

Users can Upload Schedules using the following formats:







During Upload, user can convert the file to a .pln and also add file/location tags.

Once the File is uploaded, you can double tap to open the file in the New Browser tab.

New Sequence

Users can create a New Sequence by Adding a Name and Description, then clicking the 'Save' button.  


New Simulation

Users can create a New Simulation by Adding a Name and Description, selecting a Folder and Start Date, then clicking the 'Save' button.  


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Last Updated: Oct-12-21