To place a Smart Item that has been created outside of the Sketch, select the ‘Drop Existing Smartapp’ option from the same Menu that you selected the ‘Add New Smart item’ option from.

  • A window will display that shows a list of Smart items created in that app. Some of these Smart items will have a blue or green pushpin next to them. Once an item is placed on the current sketch, a green pushpin is shown against the item. If a blue pushpin is seen against an item, then, it indicates that the item has been placed on some other file if the item has not been placed on a file no pushpin will show. If you are looking for a specific item, you can use the search bar to find the item.

  • Once the item you want to drop has been selected, the window will close. Now you can select the location of the sketch where you want to place the item. Once the item has been placed, the Smart Items window will appear again allowing you to select more items to place. If you do not want to place another item, you can close the window and you will see your item on the sketch canvas.

  • Placing New and Existing Smart items can also be done from the left panel by turning on the SmartApps palette by going to the Settings menu in the toolbar and selecting the Palette Manager option, then selecting the SmartApps palette, then selecting the APPLY button. 

  • Once you click the APPLY button, the SmartApps palette will display in the left panel. From there, you can follow the same steps to place both new and existing Smart Items on the Sketch.

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Last Updated: Oct-20-22