Photos Folder in Drive

You can Create a New Folder within the Photos Folder or Upload Photo Files directly to the Root Folder.

Once the File is Uploaded, Double Tapping on the File will open the Sketch Editor.

The 3 FAB options available for Photos are: 

1. New Folder

2. Take Photo

3. Upload Files

New Folder

The first FAB option lets you create a New Photos Folder.  Add a Name and click Save.

Take Photo

This option lets you to take Photos using your Device Video Camera. Simply click on the Photo button to take a Picture. You have the option to take 1 or More photos. Once you have finished, you can upload the Photos.

On Desktop, once you are in the Photo Folder in Drive, use the Upload Photos FAB Option to Add Photos.


Upload Files

This option lets you browse for Photos or Files on your Device and upload to your Project.

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Last Updated: Aug-11-22