The List Manager Settings lets a User create a predefined Project pick list that can be selected from the dropdown. To get started, go to Project Settings and select the List Manager option.

  • The List Manager lets you create new lists that can be configured as picklist options for a text field under any Smartapp in your Project. There are 10 prepopulated Lists in the List Manager. To view any list, simply click on a List Name in the left column. The List Values for the selected List will populate in the right window as shown below.


Create a List in List Manager

  • To create a new list, click on the 'Add here...' option to Add a New List. If you would like to Filter your New List by one of the other lists, simply click on the Filter By Option and select the List you would like to filter by. Selecting a Filter By List is not a required step.


  • With your New List Added and Selected, in the Right Value Column, click on the 'Add here...' and add your List Items. You have the option to add as many List Items as you want!    

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Last Updated: Oct-04-22