To set up your Project Locations, click on the Locations option in the Project Dropdown Menu as shown below.


  • The Project Location window will open and if you added a Project Location while setting up your Project, you will see a Project Boundary around the Project Location you added. A default Project Hierarchy gets set up with Building, Floor & Room. These can be Edited or Deleted.

  • To add additional levels, simply Click on the Add Level button to add a Level to a Buildings.

  • To add Buildings click on the Buildings level, then click on the Add Here and type in a Building Name. You have the option to add additional Buildings as well.

  • Scroll over and click the Edit in Map icon to mark where the building is located on the Map.

  • When you have positioned the building on the Map, click the Save button to save the building's location.


  • The Building will now show as a Location on your Map.

  • To Add Floor and Room Information for the Building you created,  Click the Down caret on the Buildings level to select the building you want to add Floors and Rooms to.  

  • With the Building selected,  Click the Floors level to add one or more Floors to the Building you selected.

  • With a Floor Name Added, Click the 'Select Drawing' button to associate a Drawing to the floor.

  • When you click the Select Drawing button, the Select Drawing window will open, from there, you can select from any of the Drawings uploaded to the Drawings system folder in Drive mode. Once you have selected a drawing, click the Checkmark save button.

  • Once you click the Checkmark save button, the Drawing window will close, and you will see that the drawing you selected will be added as the Primary Drawing for the First Floor.

  • With a Building Selected,  Click on the Floors Down Caret to select the Floor you want to add Rooms to.

  • With the Floor Selected, Click the Rooms level to add one or more Rooms to the Floor you selected. Give your Rooms a name, and click the pushpin button in the Tagged column to associate a room to the selected floor by drawing it on the Drawing you selected for that floor.

  • Once you click the pushpin, the drawing you selected will open in the Sketch Editor. From there, you Set Boundary Locations in Sketch by clicking on the 'Set Boundary Location' in the Locations Menu in Sketch.

  • In the Set Location Boundary window,  select the Room you would like to set a boundary for.

  • Next,  Select one of the Location Boundary options. In this example, we will be selecting Add New Polygon:
  • Select Existing Object
  • Add New Polygon
  • Add Smart Label

  • Draw the new Polygon,  when you are done,  click the Check to complete the polygon. The Polygon is now associated with the Room you previously selected!

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