Use the Files folder to Upload/Manage all of your Project Files. Create a New Folder within the Files Folder or Upload Files directly to the Root Folder. Once the File is Uploaded, Double Tapping on the File will open the Sketch Editor.  

  • The 2 FAB options available for Files are: 
  • New Folder
  • Upload Files


New Folder

  • Selecting the Upload Files from the FAB button will allow the creation of New Folder.

Upload Files

  • Clicking on the Upload Files FAB option allows the Upload of Files to the desired folder.


  • Upload of files can be done by drag and drop or by upload (+) button with two options
  • Select from Cloud
  • Select from Local


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System Generated Drive Folders:

Drive Home

Schedules Folder in Drive

Drawings Folder in Drive

Sketch Folder in Drive

360 Folder in Drive

BIM Folders in Drive

Photos Folder In Drive

Videos Folder in Drive

Files Folder in Drive

App Files Folder in Drive

User Space Folder in Drive

Safety Policies Folder in Drive

Certifications Folder in Drive

LiveLink Meetings Folder in Drive

Daily Photos Folder in Drive

LiveNote Folder in Drive

Last Updated: Dec-01-22