The User Space Folder in Drive is a built-in System Folder, however, a User can create any number of User Space Folders and Share it with other Project Members. You only have access to the Folders that you have created within the User Space and the Folders that others have shared with you.

User Space Folders

  • Simply start by creating a folder, Upload Files to the folder and share the folder with other Project Members. Clicking on a User Folder will show you a list of all the files that the User has currently added to that folder.  
  • Click on a File to open it.
  • Double Click on the User Folder will show the following Options: Refresh, Delete, Open in Sketch, Make a Copy, Move, Play, Share.

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System Generated Drive Folders:

Drive Home

Schedules Folder in Drive

Drawings Folder in Drive

Sketch Folder in Drive

360 Folder in Drive

BIM Folders in Drive

Photos Folder In Drive

Videos Folder in Drive

Files Folder in Drive

App Files Folder in Drive

User Space Folder in Drive

Safety Policies Folder in Drive

Certifications Folder in Drive

LiveLink Meetings Folder in Drive

Daily Photos Folder in Drive

LiveNote Folder in Drive

Last Updated: Dec-01-22