The Project Info allows you to add or edit project information based on security you are assigned. Project members get View only access to the Project data, whereas a Project Owner or an Admin can edit the details. 

To Access Project Info, in the Project Menu go to:

 Project Settings > Project Info

In the Project Info Panel,  you will see the following fields:

  • Name: Project Name (Not Editable)
  • Industry: Industry Selected when Project was Created (Not Editable)
  • Project Image: Add an Image for your Project.
  • Project Type: Choose either New Construction or Renovation/Repair.
  • Contract Type: Choose Build, Design, or Design and Build.
  • Project Address: Type in the address of your project here.
  • Project Category: Choose a category from the drop-down list.
  • Project Start Date: Date the Project starts.
  • Project End Date: Date the Project ends.
  • Contract Style: Choose either Time & Material or Fixed Bid.
  • Time Zone: Choose a time zone for your project from the list.
  • Approx. Project Area: Type in the area your project encompasses.
  • Approx. Project Budget: Type in the budget for your project and choose a currency type.


Project Info Tablet Screen:

Project Settings:

Project Info

Project Team


Project Locations

List Manager

PLANNER™ Settings:

Work Teams

Daily Settings


Work Categories

Skills & Certs




Default Board

FIELD™ Settings:



Manage Templates

Manage Palettes

Drive Security

PRO™ Settings:

App Studio

Report Manager


Admin Settings:

AnyConnect Device Manager

Permission Groups

Last Updated: Mar-25-21