App Studio is where Admins can manage all the Apps in a Project. 

To Access App Studio, in the Project Menu go to:

 PRO™ Settings > Drive Settings > App Studio

In App Studio, you can copy, delete or deactivate existing Apps,  Import Apps from other Projects, or even create brand new Apps!

The App Studio Menu options are as follows:

  • Refresh  - Refresh the list of Apps in App Studio.
  • Copy - Create a Copy of selected Apps.
  • Delete - Delete selected Apps.
  • Deactivate - Deactivate selected Apps.
  • Import - Import Apps from another Project.
  • Open Marketplace - Open the App Marketplace.
  • Info - Show Information about Selected App.

How To?

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How to Create a New App

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How To Copy an App

How to Edit an App

How to Delete an App

How to Deactivate an App

How To Import an App From Another Project 

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Last Updated: Jan-11-21