The Apps Mode Area shows you all the Apps available in your Project.  

You will have access to different apps depending on the Industry and Plan Type you select when creating your Project.  

To View the Apps Available for each Industry,  click on one of the links below:

Architecture, Engineering & Construction Apps

Civil Apps

Energy Apps

Utilities Apps

If you are an Admin, you will have access to ALL the Apps in your Project.  Other Roles in a Project may only be assigned access to certain Apps.  The Apps you have access to are outlined in Grey and are clickable.  The apps you do not have access to are disabled, yet visible.  

When you click on a disabled App, you will see a toast stating: 

"The Role you have been assigned to in this project does not have access to this App".

To learn more about Apps, click on one of the How To options below!

How To?

How To Add a New Item in a SmartApp

How To Sort, Group, & Filter the App Grid

How To Add Columns to the Grid & Create a Custom App Grid View

How To Create AppGroups

How To Perform Workflow

Last Updated: Mar-15-21