With a Smartapp™ PRO account, you have the ability to build  your own Apps in App Studio™.  To Open App Studio , click on the Project Settings button,  select - 'PRO  Settings' option and click the AppStudio™ option.     


From App Studio to Design an App,  Click on the Green + button and Create your own App!


When creating a New App, you have the option of creating one of the following App Types:

Form App:
Want to automate business process, metadata capture or workflow? Use a form App to configure a web form with workflow and choose from a variety of metadata field types and layout options.
Checklist App:
Create a list of checks to be performed. Use the checklist SmartApp which includes template and different metadata. 
Web App:Publish existing web applications as SmartApps, allowing individuals or organizations to access all SmartApps and Web Apps from one place - the AppZone!


To learn More about Designing Apps, please follow the links below:

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App Designer Field Types:

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Last Updated: Mar-26-21