In the Project, clicking on the Planner module gives the access to multi-party real-time digital Plan Board to organize and dispatch work.  Whether on mobile or desktop, in the trailer or in the office, the project progress is always up to-date. 


Clicking on Planner lets you select from one of the following 3 options: 

  1. Boards & Schedules: The 'Boards & Schedules' Planner Mode allows users to Create, View and Edit Planner Boards, Schedules, Risks, Resources and Calendars.

  2. Dispatch View: The 'Dispatch View' Planner Mode allows the Users to view and schedule the daily tasks of Team Members.

  3. Daily reports: The 'Daily Reports' Planner Mode allows the Users to View and Approve Daily Reports for a Selected Period of Time according to Dates, Weeks and Months.

Planner Overview

Planner Overview

Boards & Schedules Overview

Schedule Overview

Risks Overview

Resources Overview

Calendars Overview

Dispatch View Overview

Daily Reports Overview

Planner on Devices

Planner Overview - Tablet

Planner - My Work Queue - Tablet

Planner - Boards & Schedules - Tablet

Planner - Calendar View - Tablet

Planner - Daily Reports - Tablet

How To?

Boards Overview

What is Plan View

What are Different Boards Types

How to Create a Board

How to Edit a Board

How to Delete a Board

How to Group Boards

How to Filter Boards

What is the Tag Shelf

How to Create a Tag

How to Create a Priority Tag

How to Create a Milestone

How to Dispatch a Tag

Last Updated: Aug-24-22