Planner Overview

In your Project, clicking on the Planner option gives you access to a multi-party real-time digital Plan Board that makes it a breeze to organize and dispatch work.  Whether you're on mobile or desktop, in the trailer or in the office, your project progress is always up to-date. 


Clicking on Planner lets you select from one of the following 3 options: 

Boards & Schedules - 
The 'Boards & Schedules' Planner Mode option lets you Create, View and edit Planner Boards, Schedules, Risks, Resources and Calendars.

Dispatch View

The 'Dispatch View' Planner Mode option lets you view and schedule Team Member's daily tasks.

Daily Reports -  

The 'Daily Reports' Planner Mode option lets you View and Approve Daily Reports for a Selected Period of Time.

Planner Overview

Planner Overview

Boards & Schedules Overview

Schedule Overview

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Resources Overview

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Dispatch View Overview

Daily Reports Overview

Planner on Devices

Planner Overview - Tablet

Planner - My Work Queue - Tablet

Planner - Boards & Schedules - Tablet

Planner - Calendar View - Tablet

Planner - Daily Reports - Tablet

How To?

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Last Updated: Sep-09-21