In the Dispatch Board Users can set up Auto Dispatch by clicking on the Dispatch icon and selecting Dispatch Settings.  Auto Dispatching frequency first has to be turned ON for Auto Dispatching to dispatch Tags and add a task in the Schedule.

In the Auto Dispatch Settings panel, you have the option to select the frequency you want your Tags to be Dispatched.   The Frequency Options are listed below:

Selecting this will not Dispatch Tags.
Selecting this will Dispatch Tags Hourly.
When this option is selected, you need to select a Time to Dispatch Tags on a Daily Basis.
When this option is selected, you need to select the Time and Day of the Week to Dispatch Tags on a Weekly Basis.

Once User selects an option and clicks on Save, the Auto Dispatch Settings will be saved and the Tags will Dispatch at the Dispatch Frequency you selected.

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Last Updated: Oct-07-22