In Planner, when you hover over a Tag, the toolbar at the bottom has a Constraint/Issue icon.  When you click on the icon it will open a Constraint/Issue pop-up window. 


In the Constraint/Issue Pop-up window, first select whether you want to add a Constraint or an Issue. Next, select the Constraint/Issue Category and enter a description for the Issue or Category being created. Finally, click add to create it.


With your Constraint/Issue Submitted,  at any point, you can click on the highlighted yellow icon to view the Constraints & Issues for the Tag.

Replying to Constraint / Issue

At any point, you have the option to reply to a Constraint /Issue. Simply click on the yellow Constraint icon on your Tag and in the Constraint/Issue Pop-up,  click on the ‘Reply' button.  Type in your response and click the  'Send' button to add your Reply.


Adding a New Constraint / Issue to the existing thread

To add a new Constraint / Issue on a tag with an already existing Constraint/Issue, simply click on the ‘Add New’ button on the popup. The constraint/ issue added gets appended below the existing ones.

Resolve or Delete a comment

To Resolve or Delete a comment, simply click on the triple dot menu in the Constraints/Issues Popup and select either the Resolve or Delete Option. 

Constraints & Issues from Tag Details Page

In Planner, Constraints/issues can be created directly from Tag Details by opening a Tag.  With the Tag Details page opened,  simply click on the ‘Constraint/Issue’ icon at the top of the page. You can also Create, Reply, Resolve and Delete Constraints & Issues from the Tag Details Page. 

If a Constraint/Issue already exists for a Tag, then the icon will be highlighted in yellow as shown below.

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Last Updated: Feb-24-21