The Drawings Folder in Drive is used to store all your Projects Drawings. Drawings can be organized into Drawings Sets (Drawings Sub-Folders) and can be associated to specific trades and also support revisions.  .PDF.DWG.DGN  file types can be uploaded to the Drawings Folder.  

  • The Root Drawings Folder contains the following sections:
  • Recent: Items you have recently opened across Drive
  • Folders: Drawings Sets (Drawings Sub-Folders)
  • Latest Drawings: Shows an aggregate across all your Drawing Sets of the most recently Uploaded Drawings, all in 1 place.  

  • The Toolbar Options in the Drawing Folder are as follows:

  • Refresh:  Refreshes the Drawings Folder
  • Delete Selected Item(s): You can Delete Selected Items
  • Open in IQSketch: Opens selected Item(s) in IQSketch
  • Download:  Downloads selected Drawings. There is also the option to download as PDF/PDF with Markups.
  • Copy: You can Copy a Selected Item.
  • Move: Move Selected Items to Different Drawing Sets.
  • Drawing Log Report: Shows a Printable View of Changes across Drawing Sets in your Drawings Folder.
  • Download Drawing Set: Download selected Drawing Set as a PDF or Zip file.

  • Create a New Folder by clicking on the FAB (+) Add button.

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Last Updated: Nov-30-22