In the Designer, Project Owners have the ability to Add/Edit New and Existing Visualizations. 

  • To Edit a Visualization,  click on the Save icon to the right of the Search Bar.

  • Click on the Open in Designer option to begin Editing the Visualization.

  • When you enter the Designer, you will see the Default Dashboard View.  Dashboards are comprised of 1 or more sheets. Create or Edit Sheets you want to add to your Dashboard. 
  • On a Sheet, in the Data tab, under Folders, you will see a Folder for the App you are adding the Visualization to.  You can click and drag App Fields into Columns or Rows to create and modify your Visualization.
  • Once Fields have been added to Columns/Rows,  your visualization will populate with data from the selected field.

  • When you have completed Editing a sheet, click the File option and click Save to save your Visualization.

  • Go into the Dashboard View and Drag your sheet into the Dashboard. 

  • If you are completed adding sheets to your dashboard, click on File and select Save to Save your Dashboard with Sheets.

  • Close the Designer then Click Publish to Publish your new Dashboard.


  • Newly Created Visualization will now show in the search bar in the Selected App. Admins have the option to Edit or Delete the Visualization.

How To?

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Last Updated: Aug-29-22