To Access the AnyConnect Device Manager,  go to Project Settings > Admin Settings and select the AnyConnect Device Manager option.

The AnyConnect Device Manager window allows you to see sync information for Smart items created in your project.


The AnyConnect Device Manager window provides the following information about the items created in your project:

GPS Location

GPS location where the item was created (if available).

Item Name:

Name of Item being Edited.
Sync Time:The time on the device that the item finished Syncing.
Device Time:The time on the device that the item finished syncing.
Device Mode:Indicates whether the device the item was created on had internet connectivity at the time the item was created.
Sync Response Status:This provides the sync status of the item.
User:The user who created the item.
Company:The company of the user who created the item.
Device Model:The model of the device that created the item.
Device OS Version:OS Version of the Device.
Device ID:The unique ID of the device that was used to create the item.
Device OS:The type of mobile device used to create the item (Android or iOS).
Operation:The sync action that was taken on the device.
SmartApp Mobile Version:This is the version of the SmartApp mobile app that is currently installed on the user's device.

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Last Updated: Mar-05-21