How to Start a Trial Project? offers a 14 day Project Trial to all new users. The Trial project lasts for 14 days, at which time you must subscribe to continue having access to the Project.  

What Types of Projects can I create?

SmartApp Plans are designed and packaged for every kind of project and any phase of work. Users can choose from Bundle or Standalone Plan Types.


Building the schedule is only half the battle. Keeping it updated for everyone is the other half. PLANNER™ makes sure it’s not even a battle at all. Explore the only enablement platform where agile planning becomes agile construction, and where your plan boards and CPM schedules are always aligned & up-to-date.

SmartApp FIELD 

Field updates can be chaotic. Document revisions can run wild. But the work shouldn’t. SmartApp FIELD™ comes with all the drawing, BIM view & markup, field communication, documentation (RFIs, Punch Lists, Submittals, etc.), and mobility features that ensure complete accuracy of the information for everyone all the time - whether they’re in the office or on a Jobsite with no connectivity.

SmartApp SAFETY™

Turn your Jobsite into a SafeSite™ and bring your Jobsite Safety Plans to life with SmartApp Safety. From certified Project Team Safety credentialing & onboarding, centralized Safety Policy distribution, Site Visitor and Worker In/Out monitoring; to automating and tracking all the STA's and Safety Permits for your project.

SmartApp PRO 

PRO™ brings you the most powerful automation capabilities of the suite. With unlimited app use and app building, you can automate absolutely any Jobsite work process without coding. Explore the most unifying and empowering automation & management platform on the market today.


How do I Start a Trial Project? - Step by Step

Step 1

To create a Trial Project, go to and click on either the ‘Start a Project’ button or the ‘Try it free for 14 days’ button.  


Step 2

You will need to fill out some basic information in order to start your Project. Information includes Project Name, Description, Industry, project Location, Your Role, Your Email, Your Company, and the Smartapp Project Plan and Type you would like to try by choosing from the Dropdown list .


Step 3

Once you have filled out the information and clicked ‘Start My Project’,  you will receive a verification code to your email on record to proceed.  After entering your Verification Code, you will be in project central.  Your project will be in the process of setting up, which only takes a couple of minutes.



Why does my trial project say setup interrupted?

Your Trial project normally takes only a couple of minutes to set up.  If this process gets interrupted, the Project Tile will show as ‘Project Setup Interrupted…”.    If this happens to your project, simply click the ‘Continue’ button and your project will complete its setup.

Step 4

Once the setup is complete, then the project will be in a 14-day trial during which you can collaborate and invite all your Project Members. Before the trial ends, you will need to subscribe to the project to continue having access.


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