How to Subscribe to a Project?

With your new 14 Day Trial, from Project Central, you have the option to manage Members and subscriptions. After 14 days, your project will expire. To continue using it, you will need to purchase a subscription.  

Once your 14 Day Trial is complete, the status of your project will show as Status: Expired

Your project will stay in this state for 7 days. At this point, you have the option to Subscribe to a Smartapp Plan. 

After 14 days, if you have not subscribed then your Project will get into a Purged state for 7 days after which the project gets deleted permanently. 

To subscribe to a Project, click on the Green Shopping Cart icon on the Project Tile which invokes the subscription page.

Select Yearly or Monthly Payment and add your Payment Details to Complete the Purchase of your Subscription.

In the Smartapp Subscription window, the plan details will show for the Plan you selected for your trial.

You have the option to Change Plans if you would like.  Simply click on the Change Plan Button to select a Plan.  You have the option to Downgrade from PRO however, you will lose functionality by selecting either PLANNER or FIELD.


With your Plan Selected,  click to Select a Payment Type, Annual or Monthly. Your Subscription Price will reflect your selection by showing either a Monthly price or an Annual Price.

If you have selected an Annual Plan, you have the option to select a Hardware Bundle. If you select a Monthly Plan, the Hardware Bundle will not be available. Selecting a Hardware bundle will be reflected in the Total Cost.

Enter A Promo Code and Click Checkout.

Next, Enter Your Billing Details, The Following Billing Details can be added:  Name, Organization, Address Line 1, City, State, Postal Code, Country, Phone, Tax ID/VAT Number 

With your Billing Details Added,  Click the Continue to Payment Button.  In the Payment Tab, select either the Credit Card option and Fill out your Credit Card Details, or click on the Invoice Option and Verify your Details.  

Click on the Confirm Payment Option to Subscribe to your Smartapp Plan!

Your Payment will be complete and your receipt will be emailed to the email address on record.

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Last Updated: Oct-12-22