In Planner Dispatch Boards, when a Tag is Dispatched,  it gets assigned to a User, Work Team or Company.  The assigned Tag once assigned and dispatched, will show with a progress bar showing a percentage complete from 0% to 100%.    When a Task is initially Dispatched,  it will show as 0% complete.   The Assigned Resource can go in and update the progress of their Task on a real- time basis.

A Tag can be set to '100% Complete' status in 2 ways:

1. By clicking the 'Complete' icon on the Tag.

2.  By selecting the tag(s) and clicking the 'Complete' toolbar button.

Once a task has been completed:

  • The 'Percent Complete' on the tag is set to 100% 
  • A checkmark symbol is shown on the tag indicating that it has been completed. 
  • Status 'Completed' is shown on the tag

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Last Updated: Sep-13-21