Once a tag has been completed, it can be set to a ‘verified’ status. Ideally, Tags are first dispatched, which get assigned to a user, work team or a company. The assigned resource will act on the task  and update the completion status anywhere from 1 - 100%. Once the task is complete, it can be set to the ‘verified’ status to make sure the task has been cross checked. 

A Tag can be set to Verified' status in multiple ways:

  • By clicking the ‘Verified’ icon on the Tag

  • By selecting the tag(s) and clicking the ‘Verified’ toolbar button.


Once a task has been verified, 

  • The 'Percent Complete' on the tag is set to 100% 

  • A verified symbol is shown on the tag indicating that it has been completed and verified. 

Note:  A tag can also be set to Verify by editing the respective task in the Schedule Tab and checking the 'Verified' checkbox. By doing so, the Percent Complete is also set to 100%

Tags can directly be set to verified status. In this case, Tag is first set to 100% Complete and then set as verified.

Last Updated: Dec-09-20