January 1, 2021

New - Project Editions:

Its a new year so we want to celebrate by expanding our subscription choices from our standard Enterprise model (per user/per month) to a friendly set of 3 Project based monthly flat fee with unlimited users & unlimited storage options:


Building the schedule is only half the battle.  Keeping it updated for everyone is the other half.  PLANNER™ makes sure it's not even a battle at all.  Explore the only enablement platform where agile planning becomes agile construction, and where your plan boards and CPM schedules are always aligned & up-to-date.


Field updates can be chaotic.  Document revisions can run wild. But the work shouldn't. Smartapp  FIELD™ comes with all the drawing, BIM view & markup, field communication, documentation (RFIs, Punchlists, Submittals, etc.) and mobility features that ensure complete accuracy of information for everyone all the time - whether they're in the office or on a jobsite with no connectivity.


PRO™ brings you the most powerful automation capabilities of the Smartapp.com suite. With unlimited app use and app building, you can automate absolutely any Jobsite work process without coding, Explore the most unifying and empowering automation & management platform on the market today.

To learn more about the 3 subscription options please checkout each editions overview, feature lists and videos from the smartapp.com website.

We are confident one of them is  right for your next project and will help you Turn your Jobsite into a SmartSite

New - 14 day Free Trial Option:

Not sure which edition is right for you ?  No need to worry.  You can from the Pricing / Plans page of the smartapp.com website take one of the two online surveys to help guide you to the right edition OR you can start a FREE 14 day trial of any of the 3 editions. 

You can have at any one-time up to 5 active trial projects.  After 14 day Trial is over, you have an additional 7 days to decide it is right  for you.

New - Integrated Hardware Bundle Offerings:

As if all the wonderful NEW smartapp.com software features were not enough - if you want to really supercharge your next project  checkout the integrated Jobsite hardware bundles that will truly elevate the automaton experience like nothing else on the market today.

To learn more about the 2 Hardware bundles please checkout the smartapp.com website to learn more.

Last Updated: Jan-04-21