In Sketch, there are 20 Unique Drawing Tools to choose from. You can access the Drawing Tool Options by either selecting a Drawing tool in the Draw Sidebar, or by clicking on the Draw Dropdown option in the Top Menu.

Draw Tools:



The Freehand tool lets you draw an unrestricted line. 


The Line Tool restricts you to drawing straight lines.


The Text Tool lets you place Text on your Drawings


The Circle Tool allows you to create circles of any size.


The Rectangle Tool allows you to create Boxes of any size

Three Point Rectangle

The Three Point Rectangle Tool lets you extrude a square or rectangle from a single straight line


The Cloud Tool lets you draw clouds of any size

Arrow Pointer

The Arrow Pointer Tool allows you to draw an unrestricted line.


The Highlighter Tool lets you draw a highlighted square.


This tool allows you to create shapes with multiple sides. Distance, Perimeter and Area are calculated.


This tool lets you create lines with multiple angles. Distance and Perimeter are calculated.


The Ellipse Tool lets you create ovals of any size.

Three Point Arc

The Three Point Arc Tool lets you create arcs on your Sketch.

Double Line

This tool allows you to create Parallel lines in your sketch.

Double Sided Arrow

The Double Sided Arrow Tool lets you draw a straight line with arrows on each end.


 Smart Label

 The Smart Label option lets you add a Smart Label to: Locations, Smart Items and Links.

Add Comment

The Add Comment Tool allows you to leave a comment on your Sketch.

Insert Image

The insert Image tool lets you attach files or photos to your sketch.

Add Link

This tool allows you to put an external link on your sketch.

Add Link as Highlight

With this option, you add a link, but instead of seeing a link image, nothing is shown unless you mouse over the highlighted area.

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Last Updated: Sep-15-22