To Search Drive Files on Desktop,  Click on the Search Bar below the Main Menu.

In the Search Menu,  you have the following Search Options at your disposal:

Search By File Types:  Return search results for All File Types or a Specific File Type (Defaults to 'Any"):  Any, Drawings, Sketch, Photos, 360, BIM, Schedule, Workspace, Simulation, Sequence, Files, Media, Videos, LiveLink Videos, Daily Photos, LiveNote

Search by Item Name:  Returns Search Results with the Item Name entered.

Search by Owner: You can select Any One, Owned by Me or Specific Person:

If you select Specific Person, a field will show that lets you select a Specific Person.

Search in a Specific Drive Folder:  You have the option to Select a Specific Folder Location to Search in. Simply click on the Folder Field to view Location Options.

Team Last Modified:  You have the option to Filter Search Results by the last time Items were modified by Team Members.

The options are:  Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Custom.

Search by Specific Words in Documents:  This Option lets you search for any specific words that are in Documents across Drive.

Search by File Tags and/or Location Tags: Searching by File or Location Tags will only return items that contain the Specific Tags you are searching for.

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Last Updated: Aug-09-22