Adding Workflow to a SmartApp allows you to digitize your business process. The Workflow designer allows you to Drag and Drop required activities which are available in the right panel of the Workflow designer. Using these activities you can define the process, participants, and required transitions for each of the stages which are already created in the Stages section in the App Designer.


  • Once the App Designer is open, select the Workflow tab to navigate to the Workflow Designer area.

Workflow Activities

After navigating to the Workflow Designer area, you will see the available workflow activities shown in the right panel. The workflow activities are grouped into three categories:

  • Non User Activities: These are supporting activities which helps the user while defining the process in a workflow. In the Non User Activities section we have following activities.

  • User Activities: These are the activities where we will assign roles to perform various actions in the workflow process.

  • Work Planner Activities: These are activities that utilize Planner Mode functionality for scheduling work, performing work, verifying work, creating scheduling impacts, and setting the percent complete. Work Planner Activities require a Schedule Work field to be added to the Layout of the SmartApp.


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Last Updated: Oct-20-22