In Sketch™, there are 7 Unique Edit Tools to choose from. You can access the Edit Options by either selecting an Edit Tool in the Draw Sidebar, or by clicking on the Edit Dropdown option in the Top Menu.

Edit Tools:


Crop Tool

The Crop tool lets you do the following:

 - Crop this image

- Crop, save and continue

- Crop, save and open 

               - Crop and Download

Rotate Canvas Tool

The Rotate Canvas Tool lets you Rotate the Sketch Canvas.  

Note: Sheet rotation is not allowed after markups have been placed on a Sheet.

Undo Tool

This tool allows you undo changes you have made.

Redo Tool

This tool allows you to redo changes you have made.  This option is only available if you have used the Undo Tool.

Copy Tool

The Copy Tool allows you to make a copy of a selected item.

Touch Copy Tool

The Touch Copy tool, when selected, lets you touch an item and create a copy of the item that was touched.

 Text Search

 The Text Search tool allows you to find all instances of a specified text


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Last Updated: Sep-15-22