In Sketch™, there are 9 Settings Options to choose from.  You can access the Settings Options by selecting the Settings Dropdown option in the Top Menu. 

Settings Options:

Sheet Setup

The Sheet Setup Settings Panel lets you change your Sheet Size, Drawing Units, Unit Type, Drawing Scale, Custom Calibration, and Page Orientation.

Symbol Settings

The Symbol Settings let you change the Symbol Scale and either Apply the Scale to All Symbols, or just Selected Symbols.

Marker Settings

The Marker Settings let you change the Marker Scale and either Apply to All Links, Comments and Smartapps, or Apply to Selected Links, Comments and Smartapps.


The Smartlabel Settings let you change the Scale of All, or Se4lected Smartlabel items in your Sketch.



Dimension & Annotations

The Dimension & Annotations Settings let you change the Dimensions, Callouts and Tool Options of items in your Sketch.

Palette Manager

The Palette Manager Settings let you select which Palettes show in Sketch. Simply, click to select the Palettes you would like to show.


The Font Settings let you change the Font Color, Font Family and Font Size of the text you place in your Sketch.

Stroke Properties

The Stroke Properties lets you manage the Stroke Color, Stroke WIdth, Stroke Style, Stroke Scale and Double Line Width for Lines you  place on your Sketch.

Fill Color

The Fill Color lets you designate a specific Fill Color for items you place on Sketch that have a Fill Element.

GPS Sketch Settings

The GPS Sketch Settings let you control the GPS Settings for Smartitems with GPS placed on your Sketch.

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