To get started Importing a Symbol, first go to Project Settings > FIELD™ Settings and select Manage Palettes.

In the Symbol and Palettes Manager,  you have the option to Import the following files:

Sketch Symbol Files:(.iqs)
Drawing Files:
(.dwg, .dxf)
Image Files:
(.svg, .png, .jpg) 

To Import a file,  click on the Import File Button.

In the Symbol Import window,  select the file you would like to import from drive and click the 'Import' button.

Once you import,  you will see a message stating: "The Symbol Import is in progress. This may take a few minutes. You can wait or close or check back later."   Click on either 'Close' to close the window,  or 'Wait' to wait until the Symbol has been uploaded.

Once a Symbol has been uploaded, you will see it in the Symbol and Palettes Manager.

If you want to Import Multiple Symbols see this Help Topic: How to Import Palettes in a Folder

Manage Palettes How to?

How To Create a Palette

How to Export a Palette (.iqp)

How to Import a Palette (.iqp)

How to Import Palettes in a Folder

How To Create a Symbol

How to Import a Symbol

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Last Updated: Mar-05-21