The Main Form App Sections are located in the App Designer on the Left Panel.  The Form App defaults to the Layout option. Click on one of the App sections to learn more about building a Form App. 

LayoutThe Layout section lets you design your App Layout.  You can Drag and Drop field Types in the Right Panel onto your App Layout, then Configure each Field Type as you wish.
StagesThe Stages section in your Form App lets you Define multiple Stages for your App. Stages and Roles are very important when configuring Workflow steps for your App. With New Apps,  there is one 'New' Stage set by Default.
Security RolesThe Security Roles section lets you give access to your app for specific Roles.  By Default,  the 'Admin' Role is set with ALL Permissions.
Stage/Role SecurityThe Stage/Role Security section lets you configure Read/Write permissions for Individual Security Roles for each Stage.  
Spatial SettingsThe Spatial Settings let you define a Symbol or Smartapp Sketch for a specific App Stage.
Custom ButtonsThe Custom Buttons section lets you configure Custom Buttons that update Workflow, Custom Pages,  or creates New App Items in Selected Apps.
IntegrationThe Integration section lets you Add WSDI Mapping to your App.
SettingsThe Settings section lets you update the following Settings:  Name Settings, Description Settings, Save Button Settings, Success Messages, Time Tracking, Help Settings.
Version HistoryThe Version History shows you all the Saved Versions of your App, with Any Change Log Notes added when you saved a new Version.

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App Designer Overview:

App Designer Home

App Designer - Form App - Overview

Creating a Form App

App Designer - Form App - Layout Overview

App Designer - Form App - Stages Overview

App Designer - Form App - Security Roles Overview

App Designer - Form App - Stage/Role Security Overview

App Designer - Form App - Spatial Settings Overview

App Designer - Form App - Custom Buttons Overview

App Designer - Form App - Integration Overview

App Designer - Form App - Settings Overview

App Designer - Form App - Version History Overview

App Designer Field Types:

App Designer - Form Field Types Overview

Collection - Form Field Type

Auto Checkin - Form Field Type

Blank Input Grid - Form Field Type

Checkbox - Form Field Type

Contact Picker - Form Field Type

Cost - Form Field Type

Current Time - Form Field Type

Date - Form Field Type

Decimal - Form Field Type

Drawing Log - Form Field Type

Form Button - Form Field Type

File - Form Field Type

GPS/Map - Form Field Type

Integer - Form Field Type

Item Barcode - Form Field Type

Label - Form Field Type

Linked Field - Form Field Type

Last Updated: Oct-20-22