This article gives you an overview of  the different field types available when building apps in App Designer.   

Form Field Types:


Adding a Collection Fields allows you to Segment your Form into 'Collections'. Each Collections can hold  multiple additional Field Types.

Auto Checkin

The Auto Checkin Field Type lets you Check-In to your current location using your device GPS.  Note: Must be added to a Collection

Blank Input Grid

The Blank Input Grid Field Type is configurable to hold different Data Types: Text, Interger, Decimal, Contact Picker.  App Users can add data records to the grid in the app.
Note: Must be added to a Collection


The Checkbox Field Type lets you add a Checkbox to Check or Uncheck something on your Form.  Note: Must be added to a Collection

Contact Picker

This Field Type can be used to pick 1 or many users to be selected from: Users,  Organization: Companies,  Organization: Work Teams.

Current Time

When added to your form, this Field Type shows the Current Time or Date with Time.


This Field Type lets you enter/select a Date from the Date Field.


This Field Type lets you enter a number with decimal values into the Decimal Field.

Drawing log

The Drawing log field shows you a log of Drawings in your App.

Form Button

Adding a Form Button to your App lets you perform an action based on a specific source.


This Field Type allows you to attach a File with a preview Thumbnail to your App Item.


Use this field to track the Street, City, State, Zip, County, Country, Latitude and Longitude.


This Field Type lets you enter an interger that does not contain decimal values.

Item Barcode

This Field Type lets you capture an Item Barcode in your App Item.  
Note: Works with a Barcode Scanner.


This Field Type 

Linked Field


Schedule Work

Subitem Grid


Text box



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Last Updated: Jan-15-21