The Collection Form Field Type lets you add one or more Collection Field Containers to your Form.  You have the option to add additional Field Types in your Collection.  Collections have Advanced Display features allowing you to add calculations to your collection. Additionally, you can set security to restrict access to collections based on Roles.

Adding a Collection to a Form

  • To add a Collection to a Form, simply Click and Drag a Collection into your Form.

Segmenting your Collection

To Segment your Collection,  click on the Settings button in the right of your Collection.  Your Collection defaults to 100%. The Segment options are: 

a. 50%

b. 25% 50%

c. 50% 25%

d. 25%

e. + Row

f.  -  Row

Collection Settings

The Collection Settings panel is broken into 3 Tabs: 

  • Details Tab The Details Tab lets you Set Color, Enable a Boundary Box, Set Shade and set Collection to start open.
  • Advanced Display Advanced Display lets you use display expressions to hide/disable this collection.
  • Set Security Set Role and Stage Based (Read/Write) Security Preferences for Collections.

App Studio 

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Last Updated: Oct-20-22