The Planner CPM Schedule shows the Project Tasks set out in a Gantt Chart (Bar Chart that illustrates a Project Schedule). The CSchedule shows Start and Finish Dates of the Tasks across a specified Timeline.  


Schedule Mode Options

The Schedule Mode options are as follows 

  • File 



Import local Gantter file

Choose a Gantter File from your Local Drive and Import into Planner.

Import from MS Project

MS Project files (.MPP) and files in MS Project XML format can be imported.

Import from P6 (XER)

Files of (.XER) can be imported.


Manage the following Schedule Properties - (General, Duration, Regional, Time Defaults, Resources, Notes, Links, Risks)


Print either the Tasks List or Gantt Chart (PDF, PNG, HTML)

Export to local Gantter file

Export your View as a (.gantter) file.

Export to MS Project (XML)

Export your View as a .XML file.

Export to P6 (XER)

You have the option to - Export Roll Up Tasks Only, Export Rollup and Summary Tasks or Export All Task

Export to CSV (download)

Export your View as a .CSV file.

Publish to Procore

The following Procore Publishing options are available - (Procore Connector Settings, Publish Now, Open Procore).

Export milestones to iCalendar(Download)

Export your Milestones as a .ICS file.

Export milestones to web Calendar

Copy the SmartApp beta URL and use your web calendar's 'Add by URL" feature to add a new calendar with all the milestones for the schedule.

  • Edit


EDIT Options


Undo Edits


Redo Edits


Cut Text


Copy Text


Paste Text

  • View


Reset View to Default

Selecting this resets the View to Default.


Selecting this sets the View to Fullscreen.


Unchecking this option hides the 5 Sidebar Mode Options.

Sidebar Modes

Click to Select a Sidebar Mode: Board, Schedule, Risks, Resources, Calendars

Zoom In

Click this to Zoom in to the Schedule.

Zoom Out

Click this to Zoom Out of the Schedule.

Schedule Columns

Show or Hide the following Columns - WBS Column, Info Column, Duration Column, Work Column, Cost Column, % Completion Column, Start Column, Finish Column, Predecessors Column, Slack Column, P6 Activity ID Column

Dispatch Columns

Show or Hide the following Columns - App, Dispatch Status, Last Dispatch Date, Last Dispatch By, Board Name

Assignment Columns

Show or Hide the following Columns - Resource Column, Organizations Column, Trades / Skills Column, Locations Columns

Baseline Columns

Show or Hide Baseline Columns.

Custom Columns

Show or Hide the following Columns - Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3, Custom 4, Custom 5.

Color Tasks by Assigned Resource

Enable or Disable Coloring Tasks by Assigned Resource.

Show Resource Names in Chart

Show or Hide Resource Names in Chart.

Show Task Names in Chart

Show or Hide Task Names in Chart.

Hide Task Links

Show or Hide Task Links.

Highlight Critical Tasks 

Enable or Disable Highlighting Critical Tasks.

Show Root Summary Tasks

Show or Hide Root Summary Tasks.

Show Complete Tasks

Show or Hide Complete Tasks.

Filter by Resource

Enable or Disable Filtering Tasks by Selected Assigned Resources.

Show Time

Show or Hide Time

  • Actions


Insert Above

Insert a Task Above the Selected Task. 

Insert Below

Insert a Task Below the Selected Task. 


Delete the Selected Task.

Move Up

Move the Selected Task Up a Row.

Move Down

Move the Selected Task Down a Row.

Link Tasks

Click to Link Selected Tasks.

Unlink Tasks

Click to Unlink Selected Tasks.

Indent Tasks

Click to Indent Selected Tasks.

Unindent Tasks

Click to Unindent Selected Tasks.

Allow Rollup

Click to Allow Rollup.

Expand All

Expand All Tasks.

Collapse All

Collapse All Tasks.

Lock WBS

Lock WBS.

Unlock & Reorder WBS

Unlock & Reorder WBS.

Auto-level Resources

Select this to Auto-level Resources.

Clear leveling

Select this to Clear leveling.


View Task Board Properties.

  • Dispatch



Dispatch Settings

Set Auto Dispatching to None, Hourly, Daily or Weekly. 

Dispatch Work

Dispatch All or Dispatch a Range.

Auto CPM Dispatching

Set the Auto Dispatching Interval, then turn on Auto Dispatch.

  • Baselines



Manage baselines

Add and Manage Baselines


Click to Select and Show a Baseline.

  • Widgets



Constraints & Issues

Manage Constraints & Issues in the Constraints & Widgets Issues.

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