You can Enable 'Safety Policies' by turning on the 'Safety Tracking' option at SAFETY™ Settings > Safety Tracking

  • Once the 'Safety Tracking' Setting has been turned ON,  New 'Safety Policies' and 'Certifications' folders will appear in Drive.

  • In order to Create 'Safety Policies', you first need to Create a New Folder in the Safety Policies Folder.

  • With a Safety Policies Folder created, you are now able to Create and Manage Safety Policies for users to Complete!

How To?

How to Upload Safety Policies

Safety Policies Folder in Drive

Resend Safety Policies Notification

Safety Policies - Multi-Language File Support

SAFETY™ Settings:


Safety Tracking

Visitor Tracking

Team Safety Credentials

Safety Task Analysis Categories

Safety Permit Categories

Safety Incident Categories

Safety Incident Directory

Safety Rules Manager

Safety Bulletin

SOS & Bulletin Notification

Visitor Log

Request Safety Permit

Safety Onboarding Flyer

Last Updated: Dec-28-22