Register as a Worker at a Safesite™ if you have never Registered before by accessing the Safesite website via the Safety Onboarding Flyer.   

  • Access Safesite via Safety Onboarding Flyer To get started, scan the QR Code/Enter URL found on the Safety Onboarding Flyer.  


  • Select Worker Option The links on the onboarding Flyer will bring up the Safesite™ portal on your Device.  To proceed, simply click on the Orange 'New Worker' button. 



  • Add Personal Information as you have not registered before, leave the 'Have you Registered before?' option as 'No'. Fill out all of your personal information and click the 'Next' button to proceed.


  • Add OSHA Information fill out all the Required Information in Step 2 of the Onboarding Wizard.  Be sure to Take a Photo of your OSHA  Card. Click the 'Next' button to proceed once done


  • Take a Badge Photo In Step 3 of the Onboarding Wizard simply Take a Photo of yourself for your Badge Photo. Retake your picture by clicking on Retake Photo if required. Click the 'Next' button to proceed once done.


  • Read & Acknowledge Policies In Step 4 of the Onboarding Wizard, click on Policy/Policies to open and Read. 


  • At the end of each Policy, you will be asked to click and Agree with the policy.


  • Additionally, you will need to add your Signature to verify you Agree with the policy.


  • Once ALL Policies have been Read and Acknowledged, click the 'Next' button to proceed. Collect Badge with the Badge information Submitted your Badge will be ready for your first day on the Jobsite!



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Safety Incident Directory

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Safety Bulletin

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Safety Onboarding Flyer

Last Updated: Mar-27-23