In Project Settings > Project Team,  Safety Managers can manage Project Team Member's Safety Credentials, Policies and Certifications. Click on the 'Safety Credentials' Tab on the right of the Project Team Window. 



  • With 'Safety Credentials' enabled, as a Safety Manager,  you can view the Safety Status of all your Project Team Members.  
  • Clicking on the Policy Status or Certification Status link for a specific user will bring you to either their Member Info Safety Policies Tab or Certifications Tab, depending on which link you click.



  • Safety Managers can Verify Certifications by clicking the 'Verified' checkbox in the Certifications. 



  • With Safety Policies,  Safety Managers can have users Verify Certifications for them at their work station by clicking on the document image.



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SAFETY™ Settings:


Safety Tracking

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Last Updated: Feb-17-23